Find a Doctor

A great way to locate a great doc.

Get maximum coverage with the smallest bill possible by ensuring the are provider you select is part of the provider network(s) listed on the front of your card.

If you prefer talking with a HealthEZ representative, call 855-520-4324

Cigna Network

To find a provider in the Cigna Network, visit
1. Enter zip code and then click “Doctor by Type” and choose from the drop-down.
2. When it asks you to login, click "Continue as Guest".
3. On the next screen, click "Continue".
4. Then choose PPO, Choice Fund PPO.

PHCS - Practitioner & Ancillary Network (Value Based Plan)

To find a provider in the PHCS Network, visit
1. Refine your search to the left of your results
- Click 'Select Network'
- Select 'PHCS' as the network
- Select 'Practitioner & Ancillary only'
2. Search by name, specialty, or facility in the search bar
3. Enter your zip code and click search
To speak to a PHCS Customer Service Representative, call 855-520-4324

Value Based Plan - Facility Care

Please contact HealthEZ at least 10 days prior to your visit, whenever possible.
    Utilizing either of the two methods below will prompt HealthEZ to work with your facility to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible:
      • Email the Facility Outreach Form located in the Form Library to:
      • Call 855-520-4324 to speak with HealthEZ Client Services.